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Atypique Foundation

The history of Atypique Foundation

The Atypique Foundation was born in 2020 from the desire of Marjorie and Chamika to commit to a fairer, more humane and sustainable society.

This common project was close to their hearts from the beginning, but it was necessary to start by building and sustaining a solid company before being able to really structure a philanthropic action.

As soon as he returned to Sri Lanka in 2011, Chamika wanted to get involved and use his skills acquired in France to participate in the development of his native country. Graduated from a Master’s degree in local development from the Institute of Economic and Social Development Studies of the University of Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne, Marjorie always kept in mind the idea of using this specific training to join Chamika in this process and have a real positive impact through a careful selection of endogenous initiatives.

It is in 2020, after several years of hard work, that this wonderful project could finally take shape and Marjorie and Chamika were able to create the Atypique Foundation in order to structure their actions which had been sporadic until that time.

The Atypique Foundation is helping two main causes which are the improvement of the status of women in Sri Lanka and the protection of the environment.